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My name is Yana Ivannikova and I am an artist living and working in the Netherlands. My inspiration is always in front of my eyes. Most of my time I paint “en plein air”, standing on Etretat cliffs or in tulip fields, or struggling with wind on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. I am focused on painting sea- and mountainscapes to depict enormous power and energy of these. I am working in different techniques: watercolor, pastels, oils and mixed media. Now I am working a lot in mixed media techniques to combine fluency and freedom of the watercolor and controllable graphical peculiarities of the pastel technique.

My paintings found their new homes in private collections in the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Greece, France, Ukraine, Russia and so on.

 I am dedicating most of my time to teaching at two my art studios "Schilder met mij" in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

Since 2020 most the workshops and courses are available online.

Oil Painting Workshop

Upcoming Events

  • Watercolor poppies
    Sun, 12 Jun
    Paint vivid poppies with watercolors! The price is 55 euro, including all professional materials and drinks/snacks.
  • Plein air in peony fields
    May 29 (alternatively June 5 or June 6)
    Painting beautiful peony fields with watercolor/mix media at the location, amazing scents and views, detailed explanations and your own painting as the result
  • Plein air sessions in the Schwarzwald
    Fri, 20 May
    Winden im Elztal
    Painting in the atmosphere of evergreen forests and picturesque villages. Price for the 3-day program: 210 euro Price for 1 day: 80 euro
  • Watercolor plein air in Monschau
    Sat, 07 May
    Learning watercolor techniques for painting architecture on plein air with watercolor. Price: 60 euro, all professional materials included.
  • Painting Plein Air in flower field
    Sun, 01 May
    Location is a field of tulips
    Painting and breathing spring aromas at the same time Price: 55 euro, including professional materials

“Creativity takes courage”

Henri Matisse


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